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Founded in 1982, Maya HTT has been developing software solutions for engineers all around the world

Why Maya HTT?

Founded in 1982, Maya HTT has been developing software solutions for engineers all around the world. Beginning in the domains of 3D thermal and computational fluid dynamics analysis, Maya HTT’s journey has gained a widespread geographical footprint and brought significant business value to the IT industry with a unique DCIM offering.

As both a development partner and reseller of Siemens PLM software, Maya HTT brings a unique and complete set of skills to our customers. Companies who choose to work with Maya HTT benefit from:

  • Proven Robustness – Maya HTT has spent more than 30 years developing software as part of a portfolio for which more than 7 million licenses are deployed globally for critical applications in Space, Aerospace, Datacenter Operation, Military and Defense, Automotive, Manufacturing, and more.
  • Flexibility – Maya HTT’s team is fully equipped to provide services in software delivery, implementation, customization, configuration, and training. This gives customers both the ability to perform the necessary operations themselves as well as access to a one-stop-shop to address all their needs.
  • Customer accessibility – Maya HTT’s developers and engineers are also end-users and experts of the software. Headquartered in Montreal, Maya HTT has offices across North America including Arizona, Indiana, Texas, and Chicago, and can operate globally. This allows for easy and convenient mobility for both our staff and our customers.

Maya HTT’s adaptive DCIM solution has been implemented in more than just colocations. Its wide range of applications includes enterprise, telecom, military, government utilities, and more. Combining the long-standing expertise of software engineering with the reliability of industry-leading design tools, Maya HTT prides itself on the quality it delivers.

Maya HTT’s Historical Timeline

Real Time Temperature Monitoring is critical to ensure we meet our SLA (service level agreement) commitments and also to help us better manage our thermal environment for optimal efficiency. DC Clarity has enabled us to automate this monitoring with a high level of granularity at the cabinet level, and has thus minimized our manual temperature monitoring efforts that were previously used to monitor the cold aisle environment. This translates to our operations employees having more time to focus on customer needs without having to spend a portion of their time conducting daily temperature walkthroughs to monitor and optimize the cold aisle thermal environment.

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