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Datacenter Clarity LC’s unmatched possibilities for real-time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring, Alarm and Event Notification

Datacenter Clarity LC’s real-time monitoring enhances the analysis of operational datacenter’s information to ensure the information is up-to-date and as accurate as possible. With the huge amount of devices and equipments in any modern datacenter, automated collection of data from devices is a critical as manual collection is not a sound option. Propulsed by OSIsoft PI, Datacenter Clarity LC can collect a variety of data directly from any network devices through over 800 protocols and data collection techniques within our solid and scalable monitoring engine. This allows you to get the visibility required to monitor key resource consumption and provides unlimited possibilities of what attributes or sensors can be tracked.


Here’s some of the functionalities available in Datacenter Clarity LC to monitor your datacenter in real-time:

  • Real time monitoring and collection of low level infrastructure data to enable intelligent analysis by individuals with domain expertise (e.g., operations, capacity planners and facilities planners), as well as a holistic analysis of the overall infrastructure.
  • Real-time device dashboards with time history charts for all monitored points
  • Alarm Summary with current list of alarms and status
  • Alarm Acknowledgment which includes operator identification and action history
  • Email and SMS alarm notifications to specific users or groups
  • Continuous logging of all alarms and event notifications
  • 3D alarm viewer and alarm events table
  • Automatically trigger workflows and task assignments

Real Time Temperature Monitoring is critical to ensure we meet our SLA (service level agreement) commitments and also to help us better manage our thermal environment for optimal efficiency. DC Clarity has enabled us to automate this monitoring with a high level of granularity at the cabinet level, and has thus minimized our manual temperature monitoring efforts that were previously used to monitor the cold aisle environment. This translates to our operations employees having more time to focus on customer needs without having to spend a portion of their time conducting daily temperature walkthroughs to monitor and optimize the cold aisle thermal environment.

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