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With more than 800 protocols supported, Datacenter Clarity LC allows for perfect Internet Of Things (IOT) integration

Open Interface, API and Protocol Support


With more than 800 standard and proprietary protocols supported, Datacenter Clarity LC provides connectivity to any facility devices, BMS, EPMS, IDS, Fire and Alarm systems, SCADA/DCS, PLC/ Instrument systems, LIMS systems, IT devices and other business information systems. As the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to grow, datacenter operators need to make sure they’re utilizing all the tools available to them to keep their computing facilities functioning at optimum capacity and our solution will help you circumvent future problems related to IoT.

Here’s some of the principal protocols Datacenter Clarity LC supports:

  • OPC
  • Modbus
  • Bacnet
  • HTML
  • UFL
  • DNP3
  • Advanced IT monitoring interfaces: SNMP Trap ,Windows EventLog, Syslog Standard Manufacturing Control Network (MCN) Health Monitor interface
  • Other IT/Facilities monitoring interfaces/protocols

Click Here to view a list of supported protocols

Web API support

Datacenter Clarity LC provides a Web Service Interface (web API) with interactive online documentation. The documentation is based on Swagger and is a run-time representation of the API.

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