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Datacenter Clarity LC provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure

High Definition Asset Visualization

Datacenter Clarity LC provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure. Equipped with a complete real-time picture of asset attributes in 3D, DC Clarity LC helps decision makers create the most efficient possible datacenter configuration by placing state of the art engineering software tools in the hands of stakeholders. With Datacenter Clarity LC, datacenter managers optimize equipment placement and energy consumption in order to increase the longevity and availability of the datacenter infrastructure.



  • Real time device failures and data shown within a data center physical layout.
  • Render the floor layout in both 2D and 3D views
  • Graphical floor layout and rack elevation view
    • Bird’s eye view of the room layout to ensure the layout in the data center model accurately represents the real world physical environment of the room. This includes any physical attributes of the room such as size, shape, doors, windows and walkways.
    • Capable to see multiple rooms in a layout pane at the same time allowing a user to compare or drag equipment between them – for modeling.
    • Illustrate the weight of the equipment added to the rack in the rack layout compared to the maximum equipment loading capability of the rack.
  • Users can upload specific images for each type of equipment configured in the application.
  • Operational Dashboards : Visualize assets in high definition 3D views
    • Room/Rack / Server visual reporting
      • Cooling, power, physical U space and Network Ports
      • 3D Real-time monitoring
      • Business data (cost, client, user defined attributes)
      • Rotate, zoom and perform dynamic queries on the 3D representation
    • Intelligent attributes/tags
    • Scalable an customizable to accommodate customer specific attributes on any asset being managed

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