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Reducing the data center cooling costs is an effective way of reducing power consumption and energy costs

Energy Efficiency with CFD Integration

Energy efficiency is a key for future data center growth. Less than half the power used by a typical data center powers its IT equipment. Reducing the data center cooling costs is an effective way of reducing power consumption and energy costs.


The data center energy efficiency solution is a plug-in for Datacenter Clarity LC ® that uses managed assets to provide accurate temperature and air-flow predictions. This lets you identify inefficient devices and hotspots prior to implementation and upgrades. Simulation can be used to modify your data center facility infrastructure in a no-risk virtual environment to perform “what-if?” scenarios before you commit to actual changes.


Benefits of CFD

  • Greatly diminish capital costs by eliminating the over design of mechanical infrastructure
  • Improve you datacenter life expectancy by using the proper cooling method while increasing your existing AC system performance
  • Augment your energy efficiency by optimizing your datacenter arrangement and server placement to eliminate hotspots that cause overcooling
  • Easily calculate your zero cooling run-time by performing a transient analysis that shows you how long it will take before the room overheats
  • Guarantee your AC redundancy to ensure that your AC units properly cool the datacenter under all failure scenarios
  • Determine your spot and room cooling limits by simulating various datacenter and density scenarios
  • Predict future cooling problems by simulating planned server installation locations
  • Eliminate doubts by creating a datacenter model that is accurate to within 1 degree celsius of your room’s future layout


The energy efficiency solution leverages MAYA-developed computational fluid-dynamics (CFD) analysis technology. Our CFD technology has been used for over 20 years in a variety of industries. The CFD module is fully embedded within Datacenter Clarity LC ® (it is not a 3rd party add-on module). This tool lets you determine the most energy efficient configuration possible given your requirements and asset base, before implementation and upgrades.

  • Get temperature and airflow predictions
  • Identify inefficient devices and hotspots
  • Take into account under floor obstructions to evaluate tile flow distribution

To learn more, please visit Maya HTT’s CFD analysis information page.

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