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Augmenter l’efficacité de Datacenter Clarity LC en utilisant les toutes nouvelles extensions ITSM


Datacenter Clarity LC vous permet maintenant de connecter votre platforme avec des logiciels ITSM à travers des extensions. Voici une liste des extensions disponibles.


Real Time Temperature Monitoring is critical to ensure we meet our SLA (service level agreement) commitments and also to help us better manage our thermal environment for optimal efficiency. DC Clarity has enabled us to automate this monitoring with a high level of granularity at the cabinet level, and has thus minimized our manual temperature monitoring efforts that were previously used to monitor the cold aisle environment. This translates to our operations employees having more time to focus on customer needs without having to spend a portion of their time conducting daily temperature walkthroughs to monitor and optimize the cold aisle thermal environment.

Director, Facilities Support, vXchnge

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