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Datacenter Clarity LC®

Datacenter Clarity LC ® provides the tools to accurately and efficiently manage datacenter infrastructure, with a complete, real-time picture of asset attributes in 3D, and powerful tools to determine the most efficient datacenter configuration possible.

Key Benefits:

  • Get clear insight into all your mission critical and interdependent systems
  • Prevent problems by properly forecasting capacity issues before they happen
  • Troubleshoot unforeseen events with access to real-time data
  • Optimize your assets for greater efficiency and reduced cooling costs
  • Supports standard data center management frameworks, including COBIT and ITIL®.


Datacenter Clarity LC is Maya HTT’s DCIM solution. Datacenter Clarity LC is built on a foundation that has served as the backbone of engineering departments across the globe in the space, automotive, aerospace, military and defense, and oil and gas industries for several decades. Coupled with the most powerful real-time monitoring engine on the market, Datacenter Clarity LC brings tremendous value to the colocation market.

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Atos Implementation Success

Web Client

With Datacenter Clarity LC’s web-based portal, information about the performance of devices in your data center can be accessed over the internet using the latest web and mobile development frameworks. Whether you’re a colocation center, a cloud provider, or an enterprise data center, configurable levels of user access allow you to provide the necessary information to any and all stakeholders involved, including operators, managers, C-level executives, tenants, or other users. The web-client allows for easy access from all types of devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Real-time Monitoring

The heart of managing a colocation is the ability to gather good data. That means collecting real-time, up-to-date information. Datacenter Clarity LC has the ability to monitor thousands of attributes including heat, power consumption, CPU Usage, humidity, airflow, and more.

In addition to this, Datacenter Clarity LC is a hardware and software-neutral tool that can consolidate data from every asset. Datacenter Clarity LC connects to over 800 communication protocols such as bacnet, modbus, SNMP, OPC, IPMI, WMI, PerfMon, and even certain proprietary languages. This means that the solution can easily monitor heat and power-consumption over time from a brand of CRAC unit plugged into a different brand of in-rack PDU connected to a third-party BMS system. Because hardware-neutrality is critical in a multi-tenant facility, Datacenter Clarity LC can communicate with any physical device that emits digital data.

The software neutrality of the solution allows users to import data from any CSV file. As such, information from any CRM, ERP, financial, CMDB, ITSM, existing DCIM, or other expert system is accessible in this unified platform.

The next question becomes how to make sense of all this consolidated information?

Multi-level Dashboards

Datacenter Clarity LC offers several multi-level dashboards to display the collected data. At the high-level, these dashboards provide users visibility into the location of the sites, the asset inventory by type, make, and model, and inter-connected capacity graphs to track power, space, cooling, fuel usage, water usage, copper ports, fiber ports, and more. These displays can be used to track useful metrics including PUE, WUE, and CUE, enabling the right people to have access to all the necessary domains of the Datacenter. At a deeper level, users can track granular performance of particular units. For example users can track a CRAC unit’s fan capacity and cooling capacity over several different time periods, ranging from years to seconds. Essentially, with this, users can see when and why performance of specific devices might have peaked or dipped over the last relevant time period and why.

Alarming and Event Notification

The tenants in a colocation place a tremendous amount of trust in their provider’s credibility and their ability to deliver on their promises. For this reason, when devices in the facility approach critical thresholds, tenants need to have faith that the team responsible for the environment housing their data is prepared to handle any problem they encounter. As such, colocations need to be one step ahead of these problems.

With Datacenter Clarity LC, alarming and event-notification allow operators and managers to be proactive in running the facility. Established criteria for these alarms keep teams notified about the assets and when they approach critical levels. Alarms can be used to trigger workflows so that the staff can be notified to perform certain tasks automatically by e-mail or SMS. This enables colocation staff to avoid bottlenecking and wasted time while performing either routine or spontaneous tasks in maintenance, upkeep, repair, construction, replacement, or any other facet of Data center management. Alarming and event notification help colocations know what’s going on before problems reach any kind of a critical moment.

Scalable licensing

While features, functionalities, and capabilities are the core of any DCIM solution, these criteria amount to little more than flashiness unless they generate value in a business environment. If a colocation cannot grow with the solution, then the solution quickly turns from an asset into a liability. For scalability in a colocation, the number of assets in the facilities should grow faster than the number of new hires.

With Datacenter Clarity LC, growth is predicated on the number of users of the software. This means that operators can add, modify, or remove an unlimited number of assets at an unlimited number of sites. This is done by colocation operators and managers themselves. Colocation staffs train to get complete usability of the solution without having to constantly go back to the vendor. It’s precisely this ratio from number of people to number of assets in a colocation and the autonomy users get from it that foster growth in colocations.

Furthermore, these named users can be configured to have different levels of accessibility based on hierarchy. For example, C-level executives can have visibility into all their sites or assets, their managers can have visibility into their own, and the tenants can even be provided a license for visibility on the status and well-being of their own racks without ever having to see the neighboring property. They’re given a web-based customer portal from which they can see the model, dashboards, inventory, and everything else that belongs to them. This offers a balance between transparency and privacy that make for very attractive SLA offers to current or prospective colocation tenants. All the proper stake-holders gain access to the universal platform that they need to be able to work with together with minimal friction. Finally, this information is all accessible from the web meaning installation is minimal with no IT footprint for the tenants.

Maya HTT’s DCIM Vision

Contractually liable to a plethora of tenants with changing requirements and propelled by a competitive market to evolve, reach capacity, and expand footprint, colocations are particularly unique among the different types of datacenters. For this, they have specific requirements that need to be met to achieve business success. Maya HTT has responded to these changing requirements and developed a comprehensive DCIM solution that will help colocations:

  1. Gather ALL data from ALL asset types with a hardware-agnostic real-time monitoring engine
  2. Track unlimited assets at unlimited sites with a user-based license model
  3. Provide visibility to managers, operators and tenants with a user-friendly web interface
  4. Properly perform chargeback to tenants with performance indicators and collected data.
  5. Automate maintenance or event process using an effective workflow management feature
  6. Painlessly migrate and import existing/legacy data into the solution using a simple template
  7. Operate autonomously and untethered to vendors with a configurable software solution

Datacenter Clarity LC has been deployed across numerous colocation sites and other data centers, providing users with a single pane of glass through which they can see all the components of their facilities. Find out how Datacenter Clarity LC can help your colocation business evolve by contacting one of our specialists today.

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