Key Performance Indicators Dashboard

High-Level Dashboard

Nowadays, datacenter professionals have access to multiple dashboards displaying an overwhelming volume and variety of data from multiple different sources just for operating and monitoring their datacenters. Datacenter Clarity LC is the tool you need so that instead of spending countless hours sifting through spreadsheets, you will be finding the data you need with just a click of a button for an immediate and complete picture of your datacenter.

Here’s some of the features Datacenter Clarity LC has to offer to allow you to get an easy to read real-time picture of your datacenter:

  • Company high-level dashboards
  • Location based drill down views providing a structured overview of data center locations, from a global to local view down to single assets.
  • Metrics and KPIs
    • Power Usage Efficiency (PUE)
    • Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE)
    • Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE)
    • Rack Cooling Index (RCI)
    • DCiE
    • Asset inventory by Asset type, manufacturer and model
    • View contextual power usage breakdown and PUE time-history charts

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