Power and Network Management

Electrical Connections

Bad cable management can lead to a number of problems that will directly affect your bottom line: slow troubleshooting due to circuits that cannot be traced, stranded ports due to partial decommissioning of connectivity and the list goes on. Many datacenters operators overlook the importance of cable and circuit management in a DCIM software and cables and circuits are what connect it all together. Having a great cable management solution and a precise circuit management process in place are key to a powerful DCIM implementation.

Here’s some of the features that Datacenter Clarity LC has to offer in term of cable and circuits management:

  • 2D diagram from 3D model for what-if power scenarios
  • Ability to detect configuration issues such as missing power connection, or power overload
  • End-to-end power chain and cooling chain
  • Track and manage network connections
  • Identify upstream and downstream connectivity
  • Rapidly find available copper and fiber ports
  • Manage capacity and predict shortages

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