Datacenter Collaboration and Process Management


With our Process Management functionalities, you can completely manage all the change requests within your datacenter by optimizing your operations, assets and infrastructure. Datacenter Clarity LC enables you to maintain best practices, improve operational efficiencies and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Our solution provides powerful and intelligent tools for process management and workflow automation. Our tool also enables you to generate change requests, automate device moves, and maintain a complete audit trail of requests and work orders for compliance.

Here some of the functionalities available to manage all your internal processes:

  • Track & troubleshoot datacenter issues
  • Manage IT/Building/Security Assets
    • Manage equipment change process
    • Asset classification
  • Enable IT/ Building collaboration
    • Standard procedures & workflow
    • Work orders
  • Easily accommodates changes in infrastructure, such as consolidation, expansion and completely new datacenter builds
  • Analyze the impact of future moves, adds, changes before they occur, ensuring that the physical infrastructure provides the required space, power, and cooling capacity for current and future needs.
  • Create customized workflows to fit your unique environment and accommodate all your interdependent systems efficiently
  • Manage project schedules, planning & resources
  • Dynamic Capacity Planning (DCP) simulation to validate actual facility loads with infrastructure sizing to determine rate of growth.
  • Security management
  • Built-in mobile application for the mobile datacenter planner and manager
    • Lightweight web client
    • iPad application

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