Infrastructure Lifecycle Management

Today’s datacenter managers are eager to get information, insight, and mangement tools that a true Data Center Infrastructure Management solution has to offer. They want to be able to see, comprehend, manage, and optimize all the complex relationships that happen in a modern datacenter. They crave for information and visibility into the entire IT infrastructure, information that is meaningful and actionable. To mention one of Gartner’s early definition of DCIM: Data Center Infrastructure Management integrates facets of system management with building management and energy management, with a focus on IT assets and the physical infrastructure needed to support them.

Here some of the functionalities that will allow you to have increased visibility into your datacenter:

  • Equipment change process management
  • Inventory management and report
    • See what equipment are being used, organized by device type, age,manufacturer and user defined attributes
    • Create, export and print reports in pdf, Excel, csv and html formats
  • Increases accuracy with a library of customizable assets as well as an extensive library of pre-defined datacenter assets from all major vendors
    • Library is regularly updated
    • Includes data such as weight, dimensions, electrical connections, nominal power, de-rated power, fan air flow rates, and more
    • User-defined assets can be created and added as needed
  • Import/Export of model in universal format
    • 3D datacenter modeling based on AutoCAD (DXF/DWG) drawing, Excel spreadsheet, STEP, IGES, Parasolid, VRML, JT, etc.
  • Link IT & Building assets
    • Semantic/Logical relationship managementHow particular pieces of equipment are tied to specific rooms, floors and other equipment.
    • Infrastructure optimization (What-if Scenario)
  • Asset search
  • Creation of a product catalog that contains up-to-date floor and rack mounted data center equipment information.

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