Why did Claridion select DC Clarity LC?
DC Clarity LC has the particularity of being based on two robust and mature platforms (Siemens’ Teamcenter & OSIsoft’s PI) and it leverages the architecture of these powerful solutions to offer reliable and scalable management and real-time monitoring. Those are capabilities that Claridion wants to rely upon while building its own service offer. We also valued the close physical proximity to the Maya support and development team, which fosters a good relationship. We felt they were responsive and committed to our success and appreciated dealing with them.

How are you planning to use DC Clarity LC ?
DC Clarity LC will be the central platform supporting our newly created DCIM as a service (SAAS) solution. We are designing it as a Cloud service to target SMBs using the OPEX mode.

How are you using DC Clarity LC today? What value are you getting from this usage?
DC Clarity LC is in the final implementation phase here at Claridion. We plan to convert our investment into an additional source of revenue through our SAAS service shortly. We look forward to a very successful launch.

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