With Datacenter Clarity LC, we can now pay better attention to our cold aisle environment in real time as opposed to the manual temp walkthroughs we have performed historically.


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Welcome to Datacenter Clarity LC

Datacenter Clarity LC® is a data center lifecycle management solution shared by IT and facility operators to manage in Real-Time assets, work orders, and workflows involving multiple parties.

Powered by Teamcenter®

Siemens Teamcenter® software is the world’s most widely used PLM system, helping companies manage increasingly complex products and streamline operation.

Real-time Notification

Real time monitoring and collection of low level infrastructure data to enable intelligent analysis by individuals with domain expertise (e.g., operations, capacity planners and facilities planners), as well as a holistic analysis of the overall infrastructure.

HD Asset Visualisation

HD Reporting for real time device failures and data is shown within a data center physical layout and allows you to render the floor layout in both 2D and 3D views.

CFD Integration

Energy efficiency is a key for future data center growth. Less than half the power used by a typical data center powers its IT equipment. Reducing the data center cooling costs is an effective way of reducing power consumption and energy costs.

What is Datacenter Clarity LC?

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